Wires are one of the most vital items in this mod. They take part in numerous recipes and are required to transport electricity. You have three different types of wires. Uninsulated, insulated, and logistical wires. Uninsulated wires will hurt you and you should not touch them when activated. Logistical Wires output a redstone signal of max strength when it is activated.

Wires can also burn. This happens if you overload them by pushing a higher amperage through them than their max. You can find this max alongside other information when you hover over the different items in-game.

All wires use the same recipes as below, however the copper wire has two recipes.
Notes about the recipes:
– All uninsulated wires are created in the wire mill.
– All recipes below work for all types of wires.
– Wool can be of any color and does not need to be white.