Sources of Radiation

The current sources of radioactivity in this mod are the Fission and Molten Salt reactors and some of the fuels and their intermediates required for working the reactor. By default, radiation level grows exponentially when getting closer to the unshielded reactors. MSR emits much higher radiation than Fission Reactor, but it also yields more steam and energy.

Fission Reactor emitting bubbles underwater
Molten Salt Reactor – MSR

In extreme cases when the inner temperature of Fission reactor exceeds 1400F, the reactor explodes after 30 second countdown. Upon explosion, the reactor block is transformed into a melted reactor block, irradiating dirt and poisoning living entities around it and turning stone blocks into cobblestone, and finally lava.

Melted Reactor

In the following updates, it is planned to introduce irradiated air blocks that spawn in close vicinity to radioactive fuels and liquids, reactors, and radioactive grenades and bombs from Ballistix.

Protection & Equipment

Ceramic-Lead Shielding

Your first source of protection is going to be ceramic-lead radiation shielding. This mod introduces ceramic lead-plated block that neutralizes radiation stemming from the reactor. One or two layers around the reactor setup should be enough to allow safe passage past the reactor.

3 Ceramic and 6 Lead plates yield 2 blocks

Hazmat Suit

Things are gonna get more complicated once you need to process nuclear fuel or change the fuel rods. Hazmat suit exist to allow player get in close proximity to an operating reactor without sustaining radioactive damage, as well as be able to carry radioactive materials and fuels without poisoning. While they provide 100% protection, hazmat suits are not very durable, so make sure to always have some in stock.

Geiger Counter & Antidote

In order to measure radiation levels around you, a Geiger counter must be crafted. The counter automatically shows levels of radioactivity when held in hand and does not need to be powered.

Shall your hazmat suit break prematurely and you suffer radioactive poisoning, an antidote can be crafted and used to clear player of the effect, similar to a bucket of milk.