Electromagnets are uses to contain particles made in the particle injector. There are four types:
Electromagnets and electromagnetic glass:
These contain particles and turn water source blocks above them into steam that then power turbines. To contain a particle, the particle needs four surrounding electromagnets.
Electromagnetic Booster:
The electromagnetic booster accelerates particles to a max of 40 meters per second. These particles input into an accelerator ring made by particles.
Electromagnetic Switch:
As particles need to collide, they also have to travel in the opposite directions. This block is for that. When a particle exits the electromagnetic boosters, it will continue in the direction it was already traveling in. However, if you use this switch it will switch between going in one or the other. This means that every other particle will be going in opposite directions causing them to collide.


Particle collision ring
Particle booster “ring”
Electromagnetic Switch. Input into accelerator is to its right