The reactor core will heat nearby water source blocks and start turning them into steam. This steam is utilized by a turbine which generates electricity. See the turbine page for more information about this. To place a Fuel Rod in the reactor, right-click the reactor to open its inventory. Here you can put four fuel rods and deuterium cells. The deuterium cells will slowly convert to tritium cells when the reactor is running. A for the fuel rods, you can either use highly or lowly enriched uo2 fuel. This fuel will burn at different temperatures, out of these highly enriched burns hotter. If the temperature in the reactor reaches 1400°c, the reactor will explode. It does, however, have a delay of 30 seconds before this occurs. The reactor can also give any nearby mobs or players without Hazmat Suit radiation poisoning. The closer you are to the reactor core, the more radioactivity you will experience. It is recommended to implement an automated means of supplying fuel to the core, as carrying and loading those damages the hazmat suit.






120-240v ( see turbine page for more information )


500kW max


Yes (64)

Item ID